“Hesed” Hebrew for God’s Loving Kindness

Hesed Community is a Christian meditation community that was founded in 1981 in Oakland, California, by Sister Barbara Hazzard. She has remained its director for over 30 years. Hesed is part of the World Community for Christian Meditation, centered in London.

Our community is based upon Benedictine spirituality; our mission is the teaching and practice of Christian Meditation as taught by John Main, OSB.

Hesed Community is a nonresident Christian meditation community run by volunteers and our board, which oversees the operation of our “urban monastery.

What it Means to be a Family Brother or Sister of Hesed
by Pamela Gaskill

Even though I meditated for years before I found Hesed, I don’t believe I grew as much in positive, loving ways as I have since meditating with the Hesed Community. I feel like Hesed provided me with a Home, after wandering around in the dark alone. One can meditate alone, but the full benefit seems to manifest from regular practice with a group of like-minded people. As a Family Sister, I know I always have a community to return to. It is so comforting and gives me a feeling of safety. It is also wonderful to look into the eyes of people I love who I feel accept me as I am. That is a true blessing!

Hesed’s Extended Community

The Extended Community is everyone who comes to Hesed without making the formal commitment that the Oblates and the Family Brothers and Sisters have made to support the community financially, spiritually and in service. Everyone is welcome to be part of our extended community and become more committed as the Spirit calls over time.

If you are interested in joining Hesed’s Extended Community, please come to one of our events. There is no need to register and walk-ins are always welcome.