• Barbara Hazzard

    Hesed Community foundress, Sister Barbara Hazzard, made her Benedictine vows in 1981 and built an incredibly faithful community where men and women have come to learn Christian meditation in the tradition of John Main to help their personal spiritual journey to deepen and respond with love to the world and within the tradition of their heritage.

    Sister Barbara entered heaven June 17, 2021.

    We practice and teach Christian meditation with deep faith, hope and love in her spirit.


  • Mary Desmond

    Mary and Sister Barbara have shared 25 years of faith and friendship.  Mary met Barbara when they were both lived at Holy Names Community in Oakland.   Mary generously shares her grace and wisdom serving on the Hesed Board of Directors.

  • Elizabeth Schulz

    Elizabeth Schulz has been working with Hesed Community since 2008. She has an MBA with a focus on finance and accounting, and she has more than twenty years of experience working in that field.  Elizabeth owns her own business and provides professional accounting services to individuals and small companies.

  • Conchita Taylor

    Conchita has been a long time member of Hesed Community and a faithful meditator most of her life.  She hosts and leads weekly meditation in San Francisco.  We are blessed to have her return to the Board and look forward to her Hesed memory and experience uniting Sr. Barbara's original vision with the active thirst among many today for a spiritual practice that helps deepen our paths to God.   Conchita contributes to the ongoing formation of our Hesed Benedictine Oblates.

  • Donna Lack

    Donna joined the Hesed Board in January, 2017.  She has been associated with the community since 2007, becoming an Oblate in December of 2015.   She has had a variety of meditative practices for over 40 years.  Her experiences have brought her inner calmness and a deepened Christian faith.  She is committed to the Rule of St. Benedict, its teachings and practice.   Donna works in administrative operations  and loves spending time with her family.