A Benedictine community is characterized by its quality of being rooted in the experience of transcendence–not otherworldly, but truly spiritual. The medium of transcendence is silence, the acceptance of the inadequacy of words to bring us into the light of reality. A community that knows the mystery of being silent together, where all hold their hearts in readiness and attentiveness, becomes the embodiment of the light that fills all hearts, the light that is the reality all share.

A Benedictine Community, in the understanding of St. Benedict’s Rule, is simply a gathering together of those who journey together with the light of Christ as their guide. The community members knows this light as love, and by their own love for one another they let the light of their guide burn more brightly.

The Benedictine Community spirit is one of largesse, growth and visionary generosity. Benedict speaks to us of expansion of consciousness. Those who share in the faithfulness of the Benedictine community make rapid progress on their pilgrimage within a love whose tenderness defies description. It can only be known. It cannot be remembered or anticipated. It is the God who IS.

Be still and know that I am God.

Benedictine Community