Hesed’s Oblate Community consists of individuals who have promised to follow St. Benedict’s Rule of the Order. They are not professed nuns or monks, and live normally in society.

The Oblate Community
by Carol Pingree
I became an oblate in 2004. This commitment was an outgrowth of my many years in a 12-step program. I wanted to go a little deeper and found that the Rule of St. Benedict offers a spiritual path that calls for a willingness to put worldly things aside and follow Christ.

At Hesed the Oblates usually meet once a month to meditate and explore the Rule of St. Benedict within a community of participants. We come together to discover a way of finding a spiritually guided balance in our lives through meditation and readings from the Rule of St. Benedict, followed by discussion. The oblate group provides a spiritual haven and a place for strengthening reflection and meditation in the Benedictine tradition. Oblates are also committed to the financial and spiritual stability of Hesed.

Briefly the process of becoming an oblate involves the following:

  1. As an Anticipant: Meditating daily for at least six months and joining the community prayer sessions. Meeting with the spiritual director or regularly with an oblate as mentor.
  2. After six months the Anticipant may become an Oblate Novice for two to three years before committing to Oblate.

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